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Conserving a historic Piggery.

Conserving a very old converted Piggery with very thick badly leaning walls in a beautiful part of rural Dorset. The walls are a mixture of brick, flint and stone and badly needed attention before it fell down. 
It was decided that the best course of action would be to rebuild the areas that had already fallen out and build roofed Buttresses to stop the wall collapsing. All work was in lime mortar, we also repointed the whole Piggery. 

Stone and flint repairs in lime mortar
Buttress built in lime mortar
restoring historic buildings

Rebuilding in lime mortar.

The rebuild below is a small section of a very old and very long wall and very high wall. Over many years roots had actually grown through the wall in many places making it unsafe. 
We rebuilt the wall in lime mortar bringing it back to it's former glory.

In Progress
After rebuild

Rebuilding part of a stone wall on the batter.
(Batter is an intentional lean)

The foundation for this rebuild was built straight onto bedrock. It is in an area of a marble quarry and the bedrock was only about 18 inches below ground level.

After the rebuild we repointed the whole wall. All work was in lime mortar.

In progress

After rebuild
The completed job after repointing.

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